Tuesday, June 30, 2009

YourEuropeBasedSon Part One

So following the footsteps of my mother I took lots of pictures of the different foods I ate while traveling. The pictures are in reverse order of the countries we visited.

Belgium waffles in Brussels.

My first Kebab in Berlin, pretty sure I had one of these for three meals straight. They are that good.

Staple of my diet while traveling. Gummy bears and apple soda.

Really good sausage in Prague, if only they would have had the buns from Vienna...

Polish donuts, recommended to us by the Priest that bailed us out, and Mountain Dew. First place I saw it in all of Europe.

Hungarian goulash. Really good.

Traditional Hungarian meal of beef on top of dumplings, it was the first real substantial meal we had eaten in several days. It felt so good to be filled with something besides gummy bears and street food.

Gummy bears and soda at the Vienna Opera house while seeing Aida.

Bratwursts in Vienna. The buns they use there are both ingenious and way good. They stick the bun on a metal spike and put the ketchup and sausage inside to keep it from spilling.

Apple Strudel in Vienna

We were sure to sample lots of chocolate in Switzerland.

Didn't have any cheese in Switzerland but we still took a picture next to the sign.

Plum gelato in Italy was amazing.

Mike will have to correct my spelling but these fontanellas de aqua in saved us. It was so hot and bottled water was extremely expensive.

Chicken Parmesan in Rome. Way good!

Real Italian pizza was amazing.

Arancino in Rome. They are these little fried balls with rice, cheese, meat, and tomato sauce in them. We bought them as snacks whenever we were hungry. You could buy them in all of the little pizza shops that were all over.

I know that none of it looks as good as what my mom make, but it was a really cool part about traveling all over was to be able to get to know the different cultures through what they eat. I am now in Cambridge and the British food is not all that bad, as long as you have lots of salt to go with it. We are having a formal dinner tonight so I will take pictures and post them tomorrow so that you can see this amazing place I am now living in.


  1. I think only a guy could get apple soda and gummy bears for several days in a row.

  2. Don't forget the Bratwursts!

  3. You mother is so proud! But you are looking way to thin - those Brits better fatten you up a bit. It's fun to see what you have been eating but obviously you are not eating enough! How much weight have you lost?

  4. First Kababs are amazing, its an art making those things, secondly that arancino is amazing, thirdly that pizza is amazing, fourthly that sausage is huge.............

  5. hahahahahahahahaha

    and you're right, SALT is a must with english food!

  6. If you ate at any street vendors in Paris, you may have noticed they serve "hot dogs" with the buns like that too! I was there several years ago and had a few, very ingenious! I came over to your blog from a link your mom posted today:)