Monday, June 15, 2009

My European Survival Kit

While planning for my backpacking trip I have started accumulating things that I think will be helpful as I attempt to see 10 countries in as many days. Here are some pictures of all of the things that will hopefully make my trip that much better.

First off is a new backpack from the Columbia employee store. Hopefully everything will fit...

In order to cut costs on food my diet for the next ten days will pretty much consist of these, a birthday present courtesy of little sister Tessa

To get from place to place we will be taking trains. Brian and I both bought Eurail passes which will allow us unlimited train travel for ten days. The price is very reasonable, but dont be fooled if you are planning on taking night or high speed trains you need to make reservations beforehand and there are additional fees. Here are our rail passes and reservations for the night trains we will be taking.

Also from the Columbia store are two pairs of lightwieght, quick drying travel shorts. These can be washed in the sink and will dry overnight. Also a new waterbottle, thanks Cali!

In addition to several adaptors and converters from the AAA store I found this helpful little portable Ipod/Phone charger while working at costco. For days where we will be taking night trains instead of staying in hostels these will make sure that we do not run out of battery power.

Other essentials that I will be bringing with me are a pillow case, hostels provide linens but their pillowcases are sewn into the sheets so having your own makes for a more comfortable nights sleep. Also maps and detailed street by street directions from google maps. I highly recommend this for anyone that is going to be traveling in a foregin country. All I did was make lists of all the places that we are going to visit in a country and entered them in and printed off directions to all the sights. I also bought a security belt where I can keep my passport, money, train passes, etc. A self charging flashlight, and a pair of box cutters. Ever since working at costco Ive realized that always having box cutters on you is very helpful, and if I get taken I will be able to cut myself out before they sell me as a sex slave in case Liam Neeson is busy. Lastly a little light reading.

Nothing like the history of the rise of Fascism and a little C.S. Lewis to make those long train rides pass by quickly. Well tomorrow is the big day and I can't wait to get out of here


  1. You make it sound like you are getting out of jail or something! Love ya boy!!

  2. We know you are going to love every minute of this adventure and will bring JOY into the lives of others!