Sunday, June 14, 2009

I feel like a fat kid on his way to Camp Hope!

Well since apparently blogging is in my blood I figured this summer would be the perfect time to start one. On June 16th I will be leaving for the rest of the summer to backpack around Europe and eventually end up at the University of Cambridge where I will be studying for a term in Kings College, home of the world famous King's College Choir. I have been to my fair share of choir concerts, but this will be the first time that I am actually excited to go see one. As a junior associate of King's College I will be able to bypass the lines and go to evensong whenever I like!

Above is a picture of where I will be living. When I look at pictures of the college I feel like I am going to Hogwarts. I will be living in buildings right next to King's Chapel (pictured above) and have been promised a room with a view of the River Cam! There will even be a boat docked outside that I can use to go punting whenever I like. I have been planning for this since last November when one of my history professors recommended I apply for the program, and I cannot believe that it is finally here! While I am there I will be taking three classes, one on how Europe transformed from a group of nation states at the beginning of the 20th century to the European Union, another on the relationship between the United States and England since the Revolutionary Way, and my third class will be a one on one supervision with Dr. Jonathan Steinberg. Dr. Steinberg is an expert on the Second World War and the Holocaust, I will meet with him weekly and he will give me different writing assignments which I will complete and critique with him in our weekly meetings.

For the two weeks before school starts I will be backpacking all over Europe with my good friend Brian Mickelsen. Brian and I met our freshman year at BYU when we lived on the same floor in Helaman Halls.

After arriving in London on the 17th we will spend the night at a friend of Brian's place, drop our stuff off there, and load up our backpacks as we take of for Rome. After Rome we will head to Venice, then Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, and finally take a train back to London from Brussels Belgium. It will be a long crazy week and a half, but it will be an unforgettable adventure for sure.


  1. a- you are a fat kid on his way to camp hope
    b- i cant believe you put mikecallsvideoblog as one of your blogs
    c- i wish i was a fat kid on my way to camp hope
    d- i am gooing to check this three times a day so you better be updating it three times a day
    e- i always know what time it is in rome
    f- i am not going to chave for close to three weeks to see how it looks
    g- i'll have your room ready for you when you come back

  2. You spell much better than your brother.

    Try the blood pudding - it's just like eating the dried blood in the back of your throat when you broke your nose.

  3. Two of my favorite places were London and Belgium. Keep smiling and sharing your enthusiasm with the rest of the world! Aunt Tamara