Monday, June 22, 2009

Update from Vienna

These past few days have been pretty crazy. We have had a lot of fun and a lot of both good and crazy experiences. Unfortunately I haven't been able to upload any pictures, the computers in Italy kept freezing on me and my hostel here in Vienna doesn't have any usb ports. So I figured as far as pictures go I´ll just upload a bunch of them to facebook once I can, but before I start forgetting things here is a little run-down of what we have done so far.

Rome Day 1

We woke up and left Jakes flat at 4:30 in the morning, surprisingly it was completely light outside when we were waiting for the bus to take us to the airport. We flew on Ryanair which is incredibly cheap, but you get what you pay for. The seats were very uncomfortable and do not recline, but I sat next to a lady from Argentina who I talked to for all two hours. It was fun to be able to practice my spanish a little bit. Our hostel in rome was really close to the train station so we went and dropped our stuff of there and then headed out to explore. We saw the Coliseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, and several other really cool places before heading back to the hostel to shower and clean up. The bathroom in the hostel reminded me a lot of the mission, just not as nice. We then grabbed our books, bought some pizza, and went down by the colesium to eat dinner and catch up on some reading for school. We then went and got some gelato before heading back to go to bed. The room we were in was for three people and we met our roommated at three in the morning when he came in and offered us some wine, we declined and introduced ourselves. He was a pretty cool kid from Romania.

Rome Day 2

We had heard that you need to see Trevi Fountain and the Colesium early in the morning before anyone else gets there. So we grabbed the breakfasts that the hostel provided us with and took off to eat them next to the fountain. There was nobody there except for us and the guys vaccuming all of the coins of the bottom of the fountain. We then headed to the Vatican which was pretty incredible. I took a few pictures and a video inside the Sistene Chapel even though we werent supposed to. After the Sistene Chapel we ran into some girls who were from the BYU London study abroad program. Before heading back to the hostel to take a nap and clean up before dinner we checked out the Pantheon and a few other churches that were on the way. For dinner we went to this little restaurant where I had the best chicken parmesane of my life. After dinner we walked around this cool part of town eating gelato. That has been one of my most favorite parts of Rome, just walking through all of the cool little passageways everywhere seeing all the cool little stores, and we have done tons of walking, we walked over 20 miles today alone.

Venice Day 3

We left Rome early this morning and got into Venice around noon. We first went to St Marks plaza and checked out the cool old church that is there. After that we pretty much just wandered around for the next few hours. Venice is the perfect place to do that, it has so many cool little passageways and canals. It is a wierd walking through this tiny passagway and all of a sudden be walking between a Louis Vuitton and a Gucci store. We found a cool little store that made this really good merengue that we tried. Everything in Venice is pretty expensive, including going to the bathroom. So we had to decide between an extra scoop of gelato and taking a pee. We decided on the gelato and found some little side street to pee in. Also we did not want to pay for a hostel in Venice because we were leaving early to Swizterland the next day so we just camped out in the train station. At 2:ooam the police kicked us out. My time is about up so I will write about what happened after that tomorrow.


  1. Can't wait to see pictures and hear more - we miss you! Glad you didn't have to get bailed out of a jail in Vienna!

  2. You guys are hitting some of my favorite European cities!! There's nothing like Italian gelato (though my all time favorite is in Florence) and pizza! I'm sure you are having amazing experiences that you will remember for a long time!

  3. Your guardian angels are working overtime. Grateful that you are experiencing so many miracles. Keep enjoying the journey!