Thursday, July 2, 2009

My new home - Cambridge.

So I am just finishing my first week of school here at Cambridge and it has been an absolutely amazing. I have met so many cool students from some of the most prestigious universities all over the U.S. The campus is unreal, I feel like I am at Hogwarts. I went to evensong yesterday in the chapel, which was a very cool experience. I met the pastor and after talking to him I am going to be able to do one of the readings during evensong next week, it will be a very neat and unique experience. I even played a little cricket with a couple members of the choir. They were impressed at how far I hit the ball, but I wasn't much of a bowler. When you bowl, or pitch, the ball you cant bend your elbow.
My classes so far have been really cool. One of my classes is about Anglo-American relations after the revolution, something i know very little about. There are some kids in there that know a rediculous amount, which is impressive and intimidating. My other class is about Europe from 1890-1990, something I know much more about so I am excited about that. I am also doing a supervision with the professor of this second class. His name is Jonathan Steinberg, and he is a very impressive man. He has accomplished so much in his life, he even has a wikipedia article about himself. It is an incredible opportunity to study WWII with someone who was an expert witness on a war crimes trial. Also you know somebody is impressive when they name drop in their lectures and they talk about how they were on the same panal as Mikhail Gorbachev. I had my first meeting with him and he assigned me two 800 page books about Franco to read by the next time we meet.
They have lots of activities for us while we are here which is fun, but I have been in the library every night trying to get ahead or atleast stay on track with all the work they are giving us. Tomorrow we leave for Scotland for the weekend which will be fun. We are going on a hike in the highlands, and hopefully make a visit to St Andrews golf course. Here are some pictures of where I am living and of Kings college.

The entrance to my dorm room.

Bodley's court, where I will be living the next two months.

In the main courtyard. The building the left of me is the King's chapel and to the right is the porter's lodge. One of my favorite things here is seeing all of the tourists trying to take pictures of the inside of the college from the gate because they aren't allowed in, and I just nod to the porters and they let me go by!

The view from my room.

My front yard.

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  1. You are making me miss England! I think it is ironic . . . My camera broke the day I arrived in Scotland as well. I got one picture! Sounds like you are having a great experience!