Sunday, July 12, 2009

London for the weekend.

I decided to try and blog more frequently because so much happens everyday here it is easy to get behind. Friday I had my first paper due. I was in the library until about 2 in the morning and then went to bed for a few hours and was back there at 6. I really wish the library at BYU was open 24 hours a day! Then Friday night I played soccer with the King's choir and went out for drinks with them after, don't worry I just had a coke. It was a lot of fun getting to know them and to actually interact with British students since all of us in the program here are American. Friday I also went on a walking tour where they showed where all the famous writers lived around Cambridge. I live just around the corner from where Shakespeare first put on the first performance of Macbeth, where A.A. Milne started writing Winnie the Pooh, the mill pond where Chaucer would go for inspiration while writing the Canterbury Tales, and countless others.

Yesterday we were in London. We did a walking tour and saw the sights. After which we went to the British National Museum where we saw so many amazing things like the Rosetta Stone, the Flood tablet, and the sculptures from the Parthenon. I was so tired though, every room we went into we would all just sit down and rest awhile. After that we went to a restaurant near the globe theater and got some really good ramen. We then went and saw A Mid Summer's Night Dream in the Globe. It is honestly the first time I can say that I have enjoyed Shakespeare. The actors were great and kept the audience very involved. The setting was in the 1920's but it was the original script otherwise. Puck was this scantily clad women who would come out into the audience, she grabbed a few BYU guys and gave them quite a thrill. We were in the standing section in the middle and its started to rain on us a little a few differen times during the play but it held off.

Today we went to church at the Cambridge Ward. Elder Johnson of the 70 was there visiting his son who is the bishop of the ward, he also gave a fireside tonight which was awesome. Well im off to bed and have a long week with lots of work to do ahead of me!

Soccer with the King's Choir

Big Ben
Westminster Abbey
The London Eye
Taking a nap at the British National Museum


  1. They sure keep you busy! I'm amazed you have any time to study. How did your first paper turn out? That walking tour sounds really neat. It's amazing how much history there is over there; there's really nothing like it.

  2. It is hard to find time to study, but these next few weeks they won't be taking us anywhere so I will be able to focus more on school. I got a 70% on my first paper, but here in the UK a 70% is an A so I was happy about that.

  3. What is really good ramen? Is it a really good flavor? I had the impression that there was only one quality of ramen even though there are different flavoring spice packages to mix with the noodles