Monday, July 20, 2009

First Weekend in Cambridge

This last week I sent my camera home to be repaired since they could not do it under warrantee here, but my mom sent me her old one so I will be able to post more pictures soon. Also this upcoming week I have three papers and an exam, so there won't be much time for picture taking anyways. After that my schedule is a lot easier so I will be sure to explore Cambridge more then with my camera. This last week went really well. I got an A on my first paper which made me happy. I also had a really good meeting with my supervisor. I was excited to find out that I have my last class on the 14th, so the culminate my study of the Spanish Civil War I am going to fly to Malaga and make my way to Barcelona visiting important historical sights along the way.

Also this last week we went and saw Harry Potter. It was a lot of fun because they pretty much rented out the entire theater for all of the kids in the programme (yea that's how they spell it over here). The movie was good, my favorite part was the beginning scene where the death eaters cause all the havoc in downtown London, this was because I had been to all of the places they showed only a few days prior. This weekend was relaxing. First time in over a month I have had a couple days in a row not having to be going to class or traveling somewhere (rough life I know). I played ultimate frisbee one night, I guess they don't see that too often around here because we got some strange looks from people walking by. Also we had a discussion group on the other night which was really interesting.

My time here started to make me think about becoming a professor, this weekend I attended a conference where some of the leading minds in the world were there presenting. I fell asleep through the entire thing because I did not understand a word they were saying. Granted intellectual history isn't really my thing, I still let convinced that I am meant to be a lawyer, not a professional academic.

Sunday I attended the Cambridge family ward, I have been asked to help out with the young men. This entails sitting in their quorum meetings and playing soccer with them at mutual, it is going to be a lot of fun.

Every Sunday night they do a pub quiz. They split us all into teams and ask general knowledge questions, granted general knowledge questions thought up by Cambridge graduate students are a little harder than your average trivia questions. My team won though, primarily thanks to the grad students on our team; however, I did contribute by knowing that Steve Harris is a member of Iron Maiden and that Socrates said, "A life not examined is not worth living." First time I have put something I learned in Poli Sci 201 to use.

I will try and post again this week, but no promises. After this week though I will have much more time and I promise to come through with some more interesting and entertaining blog posts than this one.

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